Project Sunshine for Japan

Project Sunshine for Japan is founded, organized, and curated by Mansoureh Rahnama. My poster is among the 100 others that travelled around the world to raise funds for the recovery from 2011 East-Japan earthquake, tsunami, and radiation disasters, while promoting the awareness of the dangers of nuclear-power plants.

The birds and the marks are the official symbols of three prefectures that met the most destruction: Iwate (green pheasant), Miyagi (wild goose) and Fukushima (narcissus flycatcher).

The book: Project Sunshine for Japan. Posters, Stories and Poems about Fukushima is published by Verlag Gunnar Kettler.

This book presents for the first time all of the 100 best posters, chosen by an international jury of renowned designers. The images are supplemented by numerous contributions by authors from 15 countries –printed here in a total of 12 languages –and their English translations. The texts range from poems, short stories, works of fiction and descriptions of events, to factual pieces and initial reactions from the scientific world. The different perspectives discussed are divided into four chapters: Faith, Disaster, Reflection and Continuance.

Event photography taken by Project Sunshine for Japan.
Banner photography taken by Mr. Michael Phams.